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About Yatiskates & Its Founder
“Yatiskates” founded by Mr. Arvind Gupta,(Born To Skates), done schooling and college from Mussoorie, Queen Of hills, Dehradun Uttarakhand. After completing master’s degree in business administration he started working with MNC’s for a decade and worked as an Asst. Manager (P & A).

He has started skating in early eighties at the wooden rink, Kulri Camel’s Back Road, Mussoorie then dedicated a major part of the last three decades of his precious life in roller skating.

He has been inspired by the mission to his life to popularize the art of his choosing. According to him balance and speed is the main principal of skating. He added “we do not have many facilities as per today’s scenario and requirement of the competition”.

From Mr. Arvind Gupta’s Desk, “It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that our group is the first of its kind”. We have a very enthusiastic and sincere team of international/national skaters, who have picked up the challenge to train the children of Uttarakhand by providing them individual coaching. We provide roller skating coaching in schools, institutions, clubs, and organizations. Coaching includes history and basic of roller skating techniques for race, artistic, roller hockey, roll- ball and clinics for competitions.

We also organize winter/summer camps around the city for different sports like swimming, shooting, lawn tennis, karate, etc. and have engaged in this for the last 20 years and launched our operation in Dehradun one decade back. The minister of sports, Uttarakhand did the honor.



Our team doesn’t just focus on making winners but also inculcating the spirit of healthy competition. The Yatiskates offers world-class roller skating instruction, yielding world rankers and world champions. Here, the focus is on developing each individual. Teaching and utilizing the basic fundamentals of the sport of roller skating, all classes combine technique, balance and grace to create art in motion in the form of a performance.

A key part of this has been our team of professional coaches with a combined 25+years of experience who employ dynamic teaching methods to ensure a holistic skating experience